Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Visit to Belfast (Me) Harbor

I'm afraid I've had no on-water adventures, the closest we've come was an afternoon visit to Belfast.
The day was relatively warm, in the 20s (F), but the west wind was wicked. It blew in down the Passy, numbing my fingers and toes.
To take this picture of the tugboat, I'd check through the viewfinder, realize my fingers were numb, turn around and wait for feeling to return, guess at a setting then repeat the process.
As my face grew numb taking a few steps closer to the edge, it was a great reminder of the power of the wind chill factor. All together I was probably outside for about five minutes, but rather than boosting my self esteem, it made me feel like I was unprepared for the conditions.
At the other end of the dock, seagulls huddled together for warmth. Note their heads are twisted away from the wind.
The snow was too deep (or my boots too shallow) to check on how The Long Breath was doing, but I did spot another face lurking in the harbor, and I saw the nun buoy was the same open cross hatch as had been there in the summer.
I like this photo of the abandoned lighthouse with Isleboro in the background. It is at once tantilizing close, but given the cold, too far to attempt.