Blogs I follow and why

Baffin Paddler: She’s paddled two of the places I love, Tadoussac and Maine. She has a Maelstrom Vital, (One of my boats is a Vaag) Each of her postings is carefully written and thought provoking.  She was recently honored as one of the top 50 kayaking blog sites!

DurhamBlogger: Enthusiasm, especially for safety! He bought a kayak a little over a year ago for $50 at a church fair and has been going strong ever since. An avid blogger, he makes frequent posts, both on his adventures and tidbits of kayaking information. And a well organized site with links to local weather, animal guides and more.

Each and Everyone   A blogger from mid coast Atlantic,  balancing a love of sea kayaking with work and family.  Unfortunately I saw him for only a minute in Stonington.  He dashed ashore on Gooseberry with a large camera, racing to fit as much as he could into a few days on the water. 

KayakAcrosstheWater: This doesn’t update regularly on my site. I really enjoyed her list saying “You know you are a paddlehead when….

Kayak Paddle Tales: Amazing Photos from Florida, a place which is warm and filled with birds.

Kayak the Merrimack  Another person paddling one of the great rivers of New England. 

Kayaking the Lakes of South Dakota When I lived on a pond in Massachusetts some of my happiest days were spent paddling in a recreation kayak, my young son perched on a seat up front.  Recreation kayaks don't belong everywhere, but they are appropriate on some waters.  And the joy of paddling, of gliding across the surface, and connecting with the outside is not limited to one boat type. 

Outdoor Blogger Network They work to connect the Outdoor Blogging Community and maintain a great list of outdoor bloggers.  They've also passed on some handy tips about blogging, including this neat tip about labeling. I was never really sure how many labels to throw on a post, now I'll be more organized!

PaddlingPlanet Rene Seindal a Danish kayaker living in Italy, maintains this compendium of Sea Kayaking blog feeds. Very convenient!

Sea Kayak Stonington: This guy is awesome! He goes everywhere and loves big water. Plus he gets amazing pictures. I don’t want to be him, but I would like to push myself a little harder. Good safety tales, and reminders to keep learning. Hopefully next year I’ll try surfing at Popham.   He's written for Sea Kayaker magazine (Dec 2009 Meandering about Stonington)  and probably other places.  Michael Dougherty guides out of Old Quarry Ocean Adventures

Trash Paddler: He is dedicated to picking up trash along the rivers in Massachusetts, including the Concord, a river I used to live beside. Whenever I’m tempted to let that piece of plastic float by, I think of him and try to do better. He gets amazing animal photos and also does some great trips on the ocean and along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

Waterlines - A Maine Sea Kayaking Journal This blog is by Ray Wirth owner of Water Walker Sea Kayak LLC.  His business is kayak tours and sales.  He also monitors Paddle Trips  a site to learn about various paddling location in Maine.  He's been writing about kayaking on the Maine coast for awhile.  I think I've been enjoying his postings for at least eight years.  

WoodwomanExtraordinaire: After our trip to Cobscook Bay I was using Google to try to find the name of the park near the tidal falls and was introduced to her site. She takes incredible pictures and used them so clearly to tell a story. Just look at these pitcures from Maine!  I left her a note, and she answered back and became my first follower! It was a kind and encouraging thing for her to do, and gave me the confidence to reach out to other bloggers.

These two bloggers seem to have retired, but I hope to see them back some day.
Quiet Kayaking in New York. This blog links to a web site. I like how she updates her reports when she returns places, and her use of a map of New York to show where she goes paddling.

The naked kayaker: A student and kayaker, she’s made several trips in Maine. Like Mark she is a Greenland style paddler. I like how she’s organized her trips by distance, as well as other topics. She seems to be studying hydrology, which is a fascinating topic.  And her reasons for paddling are much like mine.