Saturday, February 2, 2013

Junk in Maine Waters??

 What's this???  Where did it come from, and why was it being launched now???
One minute we were merrily sitting there, scouting Belfast (ME) harbor for ducks and admiring the friendly seagulls, and the next, a crowd had gathered and a colorful vessel was being backed down the ramp.

Maynard (??) had built his version of a junk in his backyard, and was shifting it to the Belfast Boatyard where he planned to finish work on it.  He's thinking of using it as a houseboat.

Unfortunately conditions at the ramp, kept the boat trailer from getting deep enough in the water to launch the boat.
So close to being launched!
Fortunately it was an incoming tide and his crew of admirer's strong and inventive.
It took about 40 minutes, but finally the boat was afloat.
 Soon a skiff arrived to guide it to its winter docking; the Shanty does not have a motor yet.
Where ever it winds up, it will be a colorful addition to Maine's waters!