Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paddling.Net Launch Sites

Here’s a newer resource for trip planning: Paddling.net launch sites. In the past Paddling.net has offered information about paddling trips, which collects trip reports. The launch site information seems to have started this year around January, and provides a convenient place to put information about your paddling area.
(all illustrations are screen shots, not actual links)

The blur of dots on the top map scales to more readable maps.

Click on a dot and get a description of the launch and possible paddles, and sometimes detailed information on facilities, fees, dangers and links. (In the future, I’m hoping to find more links to trip reports under "Links.")

Paddling.net is looking for only legal and accessible launch points, and asks that any complications with the launch (limited parking, 10 foot clamber down a rocky causeway, etc.) be mentioned. Outfitters and renters who offer an access point are welcome to add them, though they do provide the following caveat:

Attention outfitters and rental operations:
The launch map is designed to provide public launch site information. Please ensure that you are listing a launch spot only and not just a retail or rental location. If you offer a paddling access point, please feel free to list it. Thanks for helping us to make the map useful for everyone. If you are interested in a future commercial listing please contact advertising@paddling.net


  1. Looks like it has the potential to be a good tool... but needs a way to search and sort launch sites by state? The US map is way too crowded with "dots" to the point where it is difficult to locate the individual states. I'll need to play around with this tool some more before I can better understand its usefulness.

  2. It would be nice if there was an easy search tool. Zooming in can help find the state, it does take some practice to zoom in just enough.