Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lighthouses of Summer

Lately it seems like we only get out on gray days.  So instead of a series of dark shots, I thought I'd post some pictures of lighthouses we paddled by this summer. How many can you identify?
This lighthouse received its name based on a nearby historical site
Angeli Perrow features this lighthouse in her children's story "Lighthouse Dog to the Rescue"
The bell from this lighthouse was removed in 1980.  It's current whereabouts are unknown.
One of Maine's foggiest lighthouses, on a brilliant clear summer day.
"Flying Santa" got his start here.
A seasonal resident told us this island light has 200 visitors on summer days
Seen just to the left of  buoy 10, this lighthouse is owned by Acadia National Park.  However, it is leased to a private party and neither the lighthouse, nor the island is available for visits
Two pictures of the same small light.  The ledge it was built to warn about has been covered by the breakwater.
A. Fort Point Light, Stockton Springs
B. Owl's Head Light, Owls Head
C.  Doubling Point Light, Arrowsic
D. Moose Peak Light, Jonesport
E.  Dice Head Light, Castine
F.  Baker Island Light, Cranberry Isles
G.  Bear Island Light, Cranberry Isles
H.  Spring Point Ledge Light, South Portland


  1. I put my thinking cap on!
    The only one I didn't recognize that I shoulda was Dice Head. I'm not familiar enough with the Cranberry Isles or Jonesport.

  2. Good for you Scott! It's tough to recognize off shore lighthouses.

  3. Fantastic pictures .These pictures shows the beauty of light house.Realy amazing.