Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kayak Kaleidoscope

Visions of kayaks dancing in your head? Replicate the dream with Kayak Kaleidoscope.

A screen shot from the program is shown above, the actual program, written in Scratch, creates a new picture every few seconds. This is the link to Kayak Kaleidoscope, which requires a flash enabled device to run (sorry iPhone and iPad users)

Scratch was developed by the Lifetime Kindergarten Group at MIT and is designed to teach programming skills. Programs are written by snapping together blocks of code; just like Legos.

There are close to one million registered Scratch users. Scratch is a low floor program; meaning it's very easy to put together a project. Projects as simple as a drawing can be shared with children around the world. Scratch is also a high ceiling project; there are some amazing programs there, such as this gallery of interactive art. And they are always looking for more kayak related projects.