Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Naskeag Pt to Orono Island - Brooklin Maine

      Sometimes it seems like so long since I've had lunch on an island.  Sat on it's granite shore while noshing on cheese puffs, cheese sticks and carrots.  So when I realized we had nothing scheduled for Sunday, I guarded that day like a pit bull, casting chores and invitations aside and headed to the ocean.

      By 9:20AM we were ready to paddle, launching just behind another couple and headed in the same direction.  Past Smuttynose and Mahoney Ledge before crossing the lobster buoy gardens of Jericho Bay to Opechee. 
    From Opechee and Swans Island are many ledges, many seals, more than a couple over-nighting sailboats, two narrow boat channels and at least one picture perfect pocket sized island.
     The shallow waters created bands of turquoise, which alternated with the dark blue.  
     Between the islands laughing gulls practiced their balancing acts. 
     We didn't quite make Swans Island, but instead looped about privately owned Orono Island.  Orono Island, named for Joseph Orono the blue eyed Penobscot Sachem thought to be a grandson of Baron Castine, is a lovely park-like island, surrounded by a huge school of small fish.  All along the shore the fish surrounded us, racing in various directions and, in their haste to flee, occaisionally pushed their schoolmates atop seaweed.  
  From there we paddled about Black Island, alongside Sheep and Pond.  Near Pond, after not seeing any seals for several minutes, a pup popped up beside my boat and stared at me with wide innocent eyes.  I explained to the pup that he should be terrified of kayaks, but he did not listen, popping up a few more times as we moved on.
    I thought we'd stay out all day, but by noon-thirty I'd had more than enough sun, so we headed back to Naskeag, landing shortly after 1PM.   I backed carefully, and a little regretfully, into this view to leave.  
   (Thanks to Durhamblogger for the rear view mirror idea)
   That was Sunday.  Now it's Tuesday, and it seems like so long since I've had lunch on an island....

   Summary:  Launch Naskeag Point, Brooklin.  Busy work launch, easiest to park on Sundays.  Portapottie, gravel launch.   Launch 9:20, about an hour after high, finish 1:15, one break.  11.3 miles.  We did get a chance to go to shore for a pleasant lunch on a MITA island.


  1. Looks like a sea kayaker's paradise! The pocket-sized island reminds me of Potato Island, which I once camped on in that neck of the waters. Appreciate the info on Joseph Orono and his mixed ancestry.

    1. Potato is a beautiful island; especially at low tide when the white shell beach appears. Glad you could enjoy it!