Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scenes from the Porcupines - Mount Desert Island

Out by Burnt Porcupine and Rum Key looking across Frenchman's bay
Sunday was just another glorious day in Maine.  Lots of sun, just enough wind.  A bright and early start on one of our favorite trips.

    We were greeted by a black backed gull and a porpoise at buoy 7.  We'd see another pod of porpoise out beyond Long Porcupine.

   The cliffs, as always were amazing.

Lots of guillemots on the water, once again, most came out in pictures as blurry black dots.  We took a break on the tombolo between Long Porcupine and the Hop.

Out at the Hop lots of new sea bricks had been deposited on shore.  Bricks (or stones) were a necessity to sink wooden lobster traps, at least until the laths became soaked.  With metal traps, bricks help keep the trap in place, and help it to sink right side up.  These bricks have escaped from traps and tumbled across the ocean floor before being tossed up on shore.  (Many traps now use concrete bars instead - somewhat less attractive.)

Lots of others out on Frenchman's Bay.  We came upon the Margaret Todd by Rum Key.  I just love this four masted schooner, so I had a hard time choosing between this shot of the ship on Frenchmen's Bay.
This one, sailing by Sheep Porcupine with Cadillac Mountain in the background.

Or this with Mark positioned between them.

At any rate, there are few places as magnificent for paddling.

Summary Information: Launch Bar at the end of Bridge Street in Bar Harbor. No parking at launch: parking is available on West Street and side streets. No facilities: the information booth on Thompson Island is one options as are public toilets at the town dock.
High about 5:30 AM  Launch 9AM Finish Noon.  8 miles


  1. Awesome paddle. I love the boat and ship pics. Thanks for posting all 3 of them. My favourite is the one of the ship in Frenchman's Bay, it's too perfect! But, it's good to see how small a kayak really is out on the water with the big ships. Cheers from Canada.

  2. Tough choice with the Margaret Todd photos. I think I like the first one best-- the vessel seems lit up-- great sun angle for that one. I also like the others. I enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading about this particular location. We spent a week in Maine years ago and were on Mt. Desert Island every day (though we stayed on the mainland south of the island.) I love Acadia National Park and can't wait to go back some day. Thanks for blogging about it!

  3. I also like the first photo of the Margaret Todd the best. The other two are mighty fine as well. Must have been a great paddle!