Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Smart Enough to Come in? I guess not...

Naskeag Harbor launch
 I suppose it's no coincidence that we often wind up at Naskeag on foggy mornings.  After all, there are so many islands close to shore.

Erratic by Babson
    And the fog was supposed to lift.  Besides, there's an erratic to amuse us.
 Fog is a chance to test navigational skills.  We haven't headed west recently from Naskeag Point, Mark is trying to figure out which island that odd monument is located on.
Lone Tree Monument of Torry Islands
A bit further along and it's apparent the monument is really a tree; the lone tree monument (by the sailboat.)

Mark by Bear Island, most of his shirt is still dry
Fortunately the fog was light enough to cross the channel.  Further on the rain started.   Well, showers were predicted for afternoon.  We though the rain would  stop soon.

Cormorants on the Boulders
Or not.

Eventually, it seemed prudent to head back.  Our final debate was if we should stop on an island  first?  Our seats were about the only dry part left.  And, we'd certainly get wet loading our boats back onto the car.
Hanging out on Sellers
It may be damp, but it's still our own special island!
Coming into the harbor, we finally saw Blue Sky!

Summary:  Launch Naskeag Point, Brooklin Maine.  Busy work launch, easiest to park on Sundays.   If you go on a threatening Sunday, you can be the only car in the lot!   Portapottie, gravel launch.   Launch 10AM, finish 1 PM, high about 4:15PM, one break.  9 miles.


  1. Looks like a nice day out there. Really.

  2. Nice route and a very pretty area.

    1. True, there's a lot of variety in the Naskeag area.

  3. Always love your photos. And I'm definitely impressed that you use fog to test your navigational skills-- if we can't see where we're going, we're done-- so I admire you guys. Here's hoping it warms up so we can enjoy a little more summer paddling before the cold stays.

    1. My first experience navigating in fog was on a quiet pond. What a thrill to have points of land show up, just as expected. It does take practice, but it's good to know. Mark also asks that I let you know the fog wasn't that thick that day. We do change our plans with thick fog...