Sunday, August 10, 2014

Postcards from Stonington

Friday was an ideal day for sea kayaking in Stonington.  We were down at Old Quarry Ocean Adventures shortly after 8AM, and finished well before the afternoon thunder showers.  

But I really don't have a story from the day, just some lovely pictures.

Crossing between the Coombs near high tide
Little McGathery Erratic, boat for scale
Two boats on a beach
Seaweed floating over a shell beach
Granite marbles on shore, with a head for scale.
Islandscape, with Mark for scale again
Lobster boats heading in between Green and Russ Islands
Stonington at low tide
A classic paddling view
Summary:  Launch 8:40AM from Old Quarry Ocean Adventures.  Fee to launch and park, restrooms, camping, rentals, tours,shower, supplies and more available.  High roughly 9AM.  Out by Grog, Hell's Half Acre, through Coombs, over to Goosberry, along McGlathery, Round, Wreck, Steves, St George to Sands.  By Rock Green and Russ back to Old Quarry.  about 12 miles, two stops, finish at 1:30PM.

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  1. The pics tell the story! It was a great day on the water. The Stonington archipelago is so awesome. My fav pic is the one of Mark photo-bombing the rocks :) Cheers from Canada.

  2. So jealous! I'm curious what kind if camera you use. Looking for a waterproof cam.

    1. We use Olympus Stylus Toughwaterproof cameras attached to our lifejackets. I have the 8000 which is probably 5 years old, and Mark's is the Olympus TG-1 which was new in 2012. Both have held up well to use, they're very carefree and fit easily into a pocket.

  3. Thanks. I just picked up a Panasonic Lumix. Not sure I love the photo quality, but it'll do! Very nice photos here.

    1. And lovely photos on your blog, An Ocean Lover in Maine, as well!