Sunday, June 7, 2015

Moosehorn to Hot Hole Pond, a Nalu Test

 Having gone to the effort of dragging the Nalu's back up our hill, we figured we may as well take them out in their ideal test environment, a shallow stream with lots of obstacles. 

   The route we picked was a short one, on the Bucksport/Orland line.  Our trip would take us down Moosehorn Stream until it met up with Hole Hole Stream, then up Hole Hole Stream to tiny Hot Hole Pond.  The backdrop to our journey was Great Pond Mountain, whose land held by Great Pond Land Trust

  Moosehorn Streams builds up a little speed as it passes under the bridge by the launch, but for the most part it is relatively slow and shallow.  The bridge is fairly scenic, new cement over what looks to be old granite supports. 

Moosehorn Stream runs through a mature forest.  

At the confluence with Hot Hole Stream, there was a beaver dam, which the Nalu crossed easily.  At that point the two streams flow into Alamoosic Lake.

But rather than head into the lake, we turned upstream on Hot Hole Stream, heading out into a marshy landscape.

  It was June in Maine and we were paddling on clean water.  I expected hoards of black flies.  I don't know if it was the temperature ( mid 50's) the gray sky, or the gentle breeze, but few bugs were spotted.  Instead we enjoyed other marsh denizens; red winged black birds, swallows, and grackles.  A pair of geese and their goslings kept a careful eye on us, and a solitary deer wandered along the stream edge.  Unfortunately, none of those pictures came out well, so I will spare you the blurry renditions.
Circumnavigating Hot Hole Pond

    Hot Hole Pond is a smallish pond, it's a place where you can spend the entire day; fishing, hiking, paddling and more.  A group of six canoes had claimed the beach area, and seemed ready to spend a day there.
Picking a route downstream

   The Nalu's did very well on the journey.  Mostly the trip was done standing on the boards, though some tricky areas required kneeling, and I sat for awhile while circumnavigating the pond, just to rest my knees.
A short carry to finish

Summary:  Launch 9:30AM, finish 11:30AM.  Launch where Bald Mountain Rd cross Moosehorn Stream.  Side of the road parking, no facilities.  3.4 miles to and around Hot Hole Pond and back.   Map of the area and trust land


  1. Nice series - somewhere we haven't been

    1. Although you have been to Great Pond Mountain, so you were probably on the other side of that mountain.

  2. We were just out yesterday June 10 Saturday found a camping spot does anyone know if this would be ok?? I am a local live up the road