Thursday, October 28, 2010

1000 Miles

Today we passed the 1,000 statute mile mark for 2010. This year the weather has been very warm and mild, we started with a 5 mile paddle on March 5, but didn't really have time for paddling regularly until May.
I estimate that about 700 of those miles were from the landing near our house, so I thought I'd post some fall photographs of the middle Penobscot.
The Patience heading for its winter berth Oct 17
Mark heads out on an adventure
Peaking into Cove Brook Oct 10
We see eagles most days; most recently 2 adults and 2 immature; maybe a late hatching?
An adult takes wing
Mark playing in moving water at the Souadabscook
Color comes late to the Penobscot highlands
As the tide falls the bedrock, looking like weathered elephants, peeks through.
The banks are unstable, even where they are rocky, so most houses are set back from the river.
Mark contemplates when this hemlock will topple
Paddling by a point near Dorothea Dix Park
I like the way the ripples reflect the color
An odd band of fog


  1. 1000 miles! That's crazy - Congratulations!

  2. Thank you. I feel very fortunate to live near water so I can paddle without lifting or driving.

  3. Congratulations on 1000 miles! Hopefully, your arm muscles are still "friends" with you! ;-) Also, love your photos - especially the bald eagle!

  4. Thanks Mike, that young eagle was so calm, it made the picture easy. We were just remarking this morning on how pain free this year has been. Maybe slowing down to take pictures helps. Plus Frankenstein arm practice (really stiff arms to remind me to rotate and share muscle usage with my legs)

  5. Wow, 1000 miles and beautiful photos all in one blog post! Congratulations on that marker! I never thought about our paddling in miles (well, totals, that is.) Now you've got me wondering. I doubt if paddle much more than 100 miles each season, but I will have to satisfy my own curiosity by doing some calculations. I love the fall colors in your photos and especially love the eagle photos!

  6. Mark is an engineer, and a former six sigma black belt. He measures the miles. He measures the miles; which we try to use as a motivator for fitness and not as an obsessive goal.