Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's That in the River?

This morning gave several opportunities to play "What's that in the river?"
This first object was inert, white and gray covered in fur or feathers. 
I approached it with some trepidation.
But it turns out it was just a stuffed animal, which seemed to merit the title Barfy the Bear.
Mark regrets having slowed enough for me to catch up to him
Second was a mover, which generally means a bird, beaver or seal.
We tried to get close enough to see and it moved even faster, in a straight line across the river, never ducking under water or flying away.
Perhaps you recognize it in the top shot; a deer. 
Soon it arrived safely on the far side, and though it slipped back down, on the second attempt made it up the steep slope.
I knew deer could swim, but I never realized how fast they were.  I would give that deer an easy 3 knot speed.

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