Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reflections on the Week

 Monday - No Paddle, rain and Mark had a sore back.
Tuesday - Warm but misty, ordinary paddle, gathered a lot of trash. Saw the Pentagoet, the Maine Maritime Academy tug, working the Penobscot for the first time this fall.
Wednesday - Gray, windy 15-20 mph, temperature low 40's. Exciting wet paddle in the wind and waves. Wet suits and multiple shirts, wind block gloves, fleece hats, boots.
Thursday - Bright, wind 10-15 mph, temperature mid 40's. Broke out the drysuits. Drysuits were too warm, had to turn back because the neck was still too tight. (Drysuit is closeout purchased in a prior year, and spent at least a month being stretched about a maple syrup jug.) Trimmed the neck. Clearly, getting a comfortable drysuit will take more testing.
Friday - Back to wetsuits. Cool, but still. A long paddle from Hamlin Marina in Hampden. Launched at low, which was still quite high, heading south. Fought the current all the way back, but the reflections were striking. (All photos from Friday, except the Pentagoet from Thursday) 

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