Sunday, January 2, 2011

Searsport - A Great start to the New Year!

Howling blizzards, wind speeds of 44mph, temperatures in the single digits; that’s so 2010. Now that it’s 2011, let the winds be calm, and if temps are in the single digits, let it be single digits Celsius!

Counting on the warm weather continuing, we kept the boats on the roof of the car. And mindful of the limited time span that immersed fingers and limbs remain nimble, even when ensconced in drysuits and gloves, it was another tame trip, from Searsport to Moose Point State Park.
Basics: Launch Searsport ramp. Parking area is cleared, access from ramp or beach. Portapotties are gone for the winter. Launch 11:30AM, low 2:20PM, finish about 2 PM. 5 miles
The sky was grey and the sea like mercury.
Pintails argued across the bay.
Pick Me! 
UPDATE:  Suasco Al is correct, the right name for these birds is Long-tails (not pintails)
The granite pier towered like Inuksuk over the water.
In Searsport Shores campground the picnic tables were all perched at angles, the better to view the sea. A few trailers claimed spaces, and an eagle claimed a tree.
We stopped at Moose Point to give Mark a chance to cool off, and to admire beach views. Moose Point is closed in the winter, but often cars park at the entrance and explorers hike in.
Southwest, over Northport, the sky was an orange red, odd coloring for 12:20.
I wondered what it meant:
Red sky at noon, spring will come soon?
Red sky mid day, sailors say “hey”?

On the way back, the gentle north breeze kept us from overheating. A confetti of seagulls rose up to welcome us back to the harbor.
So we’re off to a great start and should get in more miles than ever this year … unless that north wind was a portent of the return of more seasonable temps ...

I hope your year is off to a bright start as well!


  1. Thanks for the words and photos! Makes me feel like I should have been out there myself. Went cross country skiing yesterday instead. I'd like to suggest my blog URL but cannot find any contact information on this site. Thanks, Ray Wirth, Belfast

  2. Thanks Ray, I've seen your site on facebook, and reference it under Maine links. You've taken some great trips, including many around Great Wass. (Ray also had an article in Sea Kayaker magazine about rescuing a peapod off Halifax Island)
    His link is

  3. Thanks. I'll link to your Penobscotpaddles at

  4. A link to Ray can be found at the right under more blogs. You can also "like" him on facebook, it's Water Walker Sea Kayak LLC. Or subscribe to touringkayaks on Youtube.

  5. I'm jealous that you've been out on the water this time of year. It's something that's never even occurred to me to do. Of course, here in Upstate New York, it's mostly ice covered, but even if it weren't, I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to brave the cold. And yet, I do miss being on the water...

  6. I feel very lucky to have had a break in winter weather to get out paddling, as well as a partner and gear for cold weather. You're certainly right to be cautious about cold water. I've manned the bowl of water kept at ocean temps at different safety shows. Most people can't stand to keep their hand in the water for 3 minutes. Compare that to rescue times should a boat flip...