Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome Hampden Highlights Readers!

Penobscot River on Dec 10, near Hamlin's Marina
Today the Penobscot River is mostly ice free, with dark lines running across it marking the paths of competing north and west gusts. A little more open than it was mid December, thanks to today’s warm weather and visits from the Coast Guard ice breaker, but hardly inviting for paddling, so instead I’m inside at my computer updating my blog.

I’d like to thank Annie O’Reilly for mentioning this blog in Hampden Highlights. All who know her can attest to her generous and supportive nature. I ran into her while interviewing Janice for Calkin's Castle/Castle Rock, a story she felt others in town might enjoy.
Mark paddles by Castle Rock
Calkins Castle/Castle Rock tells the tale of how Burpie Calkin may have influenced Stephen King, and shares a beautiful feature of the Penobscot River.

Other local stories are listed under “Tales from the River” in the Index, (found on a tab up above). Reflections on the Week, and 1000 Miles have been popular for their photos, while The More Things Change displays another old postcard.
It’s been easy to write, because there are so many incredible places to paddle in the area. I list our paddle trips on the Index under “Trip Reports” subdivided by “Salt Water” and “Fresh Water.” While I do post some cautions on conditions we encounter, (See Canals of Bangor) it’s not practical to list all the skills and equipment needed for all the conditions which can arise on a trip. But I like to remind all paddlers to be ready to climb back into their boats or swim to shore at all times.
We are omni-paddlers, enjoying the quiet water of Birch Stream and the swells off MDI on a visit to the Porcupine Islands. Even if you don’t paddle, you might enjoy these trip posts for their many photos. If you do paddle, you should visit other paddling blogs listed to the right, two other local blogs are Sea Kayak Stonington and Waterlines - A Maine Sea Kayaking Journal. A variety of other wonderful bloggers are also listed, so check them all!
Early color along Birch Stream in Old Town
Be sure also to check out the “Misc” category which includes posts like A Tale of Two Trap Trees and Ginger Season.
A few local notes: Calkins Farm Stand still has cider, maple syrup and other items for sale - watch for the open sign as you pass by. The minced ginger and ground orange peel (along with other tasty treats) was purchased at Hampden Natural Foods. The wide variety of ginger beer used in Ginger Season was purchased in Hampden, at Hannafords.

I try to post regularly and hope to see you again!

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  1. Sure looks like an ideal place to dip your oars in and your choice of food just about right too...