Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sculpted by Nature

Along the shore of the Penobscot ice forms layer by layer.  Thick sheets pushed over as the ice breaker works the river.
 Thin sheets from low temperatures the night before.
 Ice drifts on the current and is pushed to the shores, catching on ancient log structures.
 And small icicles form where streams flow down the sides.
The moving water carves and smooths the ice below, creating fantastic shapes. Though when you look closely, the layering is still evident.
Eventually entire “Seuss-ian” villages are created.

This is the first year we’ve paddled in Maine during February.  February tends to be cold; plus long hours and six day work week give me little opportunity to get out.  In fact, it wasn't I who suggested this paddle, but Mark who insisted from the moment I awoke we'd go paddling; the wind "Wasn't that bad."  (This was last Saturday)  And he was right, though I love my job, it was wonderful to be out beneath the wide open sky, not rushing between my car and a building.  Wonderful to be concentrating on seeing the world around me and sharing its beauty.