Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer – Sun Gear

I’m not a sun worshipper. Mostly, I’m a sun avoider and shade seeker; though I did spend one summer basking in the sun at a neighbor’s pool. I was a teenager at the time and desperately trying to fit in. At the end of the summer, after hours of effort, I did develop tan lines, but the “tanned” areas were hardly darker than my friends’ skin had been at the beginning of summer. So while I admire bronzed skin, I have to admit it’s not for me.

Instead of paddling in a swimsuit, I’m out there in a large floppy hat, long sleeved shirt and capris. I’ve even got palm-less gloves from U-Veto to protect the backs of my hands. I use those rather than regular gloves because I’m constantly soaking my sleeves to keep cool and wet gloves cause blisters. For the most part style takes second place to function.

But not since I’ve found Girls4Sports. I first bought one of their rash guards last winter at Amazon. I admired the colorful front, and noted it had both long sleeves and a high neck. I was concerned that it might not have a long enough body for me. I’m a tall woman and not underweight. I’m well aware that many outdoor outfits claiming to be designed for women are, in reality, designed for short people (I’m talking to you, Columbia) Not so with Girls4Sports, their rash guards are a decent length.
Obviously any model can make these clothes look good, but the real proof was when I looked at pictures Mark had taken. Check out this before and after picture.

I’d like to think that I lost weight between them, but really it’s just that Girls4Sports has a better design (though I will also credit the button front capris as being a better fit than the tied waist capris.)

So this winter I’ve picked up two more shirts. Girls4Sports has many beautiful designs, the main challenge is that most have been sold out. I purchased a coral shirt at Girls4Sports, and a Zen Garden design from the SwimOutlet.

Meanwhile Mark has made an even more exciting purchase, but we’ll cover that later…


  1. But can the model help me escape from a turned over, upside down kayak? I'm casting my lot with you penobscotpaddles!

  2. Yeah baby! You look way hotter in the Girls4Sports gear! But I don't get all that design stuff in the front? But, flashy is cool!

  3. Pen bay; definitely when picking a paddling companion, you want function over form ; )
    The shirt fronts do tend to be busy, but I do like their front silhouette....