Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ironbound Island from South Gouldsboro

   South Gouldsboro is not a good launch to use during the summer.  There aren't many parking spaces, and being located beside a lobster facility, its a good bet those spaces go early.  But on a Sunday, in September, it was OK.

  The launch at Bunker's Cove is across from Stave Island.    And pretty much immediately we discovered where the cormorants had been hiding all summer.

   In the distance is the Veendam, off Bar Harbor, on the other side of Frenchmen's Bay.  A second cruise ship, Granduer of the Sea is behind an island right now.

    Our journey took us by Yellow, Jordan and Ironbound Island.  These are all privately owned islands without public access.  The buildings on the islands indicate they are owned by  people who love them and have the funds to enjoy them.

   Check out this little studio:
   When I first saw it, I thought it had a sagging roof and was ready to collapse.  But no; it has a tiny wing.  Adorable!

    It wasn't the buildings, or the ships which brought us to this site, it was exploring the keyhole sea caves of Ironbound.  These are found on the south east side of Ironbound, carved into the high cliffs.  They are best explored on still days.  The marine forecast called for waves a foot or less, but unfortunately that's not what we found.  So we only popped into a few, which were at angles that minimized waves.

     Inside a keyhole looking up, such an amazing sight!
  Same keyhole, but further back.

   On the southwest of Ironbound, we were surprised by a passel of seals bobbing in the water.  It was great fun to watch them watching us, but unfortunately the pictures are terrible, so I'll spare you those.

   We didn't see other kayaks on the water, but the Margaret Todd was out.

   Three or four lobster boats were also on the water.  Remember "no lobstering Sunday"  is a tradition, not a law.

Summary:  Launch:  South Gouldsboro, maybe 10 spaces, no facilities.  Launch 9AM, High 9:35AM, finish 12:30PM, 9.8 miles.