Monday, September 29, 2014

Porcupine Islands in late September

80 degree(F) days in late September!   Who can resist being outside?   Not me!

  Sunday we were up early and off to Bar Harbor to launch from the bar.  At 8:30 there were some walkers, and a few cars out testing the make-shift road exposed by the tide.
  It was a still day, perfect for exploring - and the photos say it is definitely fall.

  Just one cruise ship in the harbor, but my eyes kept being drawn to it.  Cruise ships dominate the waters off Bar Harbor in the fall.  A few lobster boats were out working, as were various tour boats.

  All alone at the Hop, except for this armada of loons.

  Not many urchin casts on the beach, usually in fall there are several.  This is a picture of the only one I saw.  Instead, there was a fair amount of trash, enough to fill a grocery bag, with an extra bottle or two to spare.

  Not many other kayaks out; two tour groups by the first two porcupine islands (Bar and Sheep) and this paddleboarder way out by Long Porcupine.

   I felt very lucky to have been able to take advantage of the warmth; that so few others were at the Porcupines with us I can ascribe only to the multitudinous choices of outdoor activities in Maine.

Summary Information: Launch Bar at the end of Bridge Street in Bar Harbor. No parking at launch: parking is available on West Street and side streets. No facilities: the information booth on Thompson Island is one options as are public toilets at the town dock.
High about 2:30 PM  Launch 8:45AM Finish 12:30PM.  8.8 miles one stop.


  1. Living up to your handle- nice to see places we don't get to.

    1. It might be hard to get Kelley out to the Hop. she likes water, but probably not that much!

  2. Absolutely spectacular! And, thanks for the great pics. I would love to paddle there one day - a dream!
    Cheers from Canada. The fall colors are beautiful here too. :)

    1. So many incredible paddling places, so little time! The problem we all struggle with. I bet Your forest are gorgeous, looking forward to pictures!