Friday, October 10, 2014

Essex Woods Animals

Green heron
   This may not surprise you, but it's a lot easier to get pictures when you're not in a kayak.  This is especially true if not being in a kayak means you can use a camera you wouldn't dare take on the water because it's not particularly waterproof. 

Solitary Sandpiper
  But there's a second reason it's harder to get pictures while kayaking.  Kayaking takes us to many wild areas where animals are not acclimated to people.  Walking, on the other hand, takes us along trails frequented by many other residents.
Cedar Waxwing
  These pictures are from Essex Woods, a 70 acre park tucked beside I-95 and situated between developments.   Featuring a path around a 40 acre shallow swamp, the park does not overwhelm with beauty, but it attracts an amazing variety of wildlife.  Essex Woods is one of several Bangor parks, accessible from either Watchmaker St (off Essex) or Garden Way (off Stillwater.)  Visiting is a great reminder of the discovery and wonder which can be found in local parks.
Cormorant- just noticed the ripples line up with some ruffled neck feathers
Green-winged teal
These are just some of the animals we've seen there.  It's not unusual for us to see more than 20 species in a day.  Experts probably see many more.   And there are also, lots and lots of mallards there.

Essex Woods is near the Bangor Dog Park, so in addition to runners, walkers and birders, expect to see lots of dog walkers.   You might even meet John and Kelley, of Hiking in Maine with Kelley, who provides this nice map with his posting. 


  1. I see what you mean. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Very nice pictures - we have been there a few times but never saw that variety

    1. These photos were taken throughout September. One think we like about Essex is how willing other visitors are to share their discoveries with us.

  3. Oh yes! Bird watching with a land cam. We can't do everything by kayak :) Awesome pics. Each is a work of art with so much heart. Cheers from Canada!