Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mount Hope Cemetery Animals

 More animal shots gathered off the water, this time from Bangor's Mount Hope Cemetery.    There are entrances off State St and Mount Hope Avenue.  The State Street Gate is open more hours.
"I'm flying"
Mount Hope is the second oldest garden cemetery in the United States.  (The oldest is Mount Auburn, Cambridge, MA.)   It has a stream running through the middle which widens into several ponds and a seperate turtle pond by the main office.  The water, and the banning of dogs, makes this a great place to find animals.
    Groundhogs are especially common, as are squirrels.  Unfortunately, by October, all the groundhogs are hibernating.
     In the spring and summer, uskrats are frequently seen in the ponds, or on nearby banks.  This one is just a baby.
    Less rarely seen are chipmunks.  And just once this summer were we able to spot a fox or mink.
Eastern Bluebird
  A variety of birds show up through the season.  For awhile Merlins were nesting in a tree.
    But this Cooper's Hawk just showed up recently.
There are an abundance of frogs, and tadpoles in season.  Surprisingly, herons and kingfishers are not there every day.
    But there are lots of mallards.  These ducks are hoping for some food.
   I hope you're having some wonderful fall adventures!


  1. OMG! Are those all your photos . . . amazing images. The turtle striking that perfect yoga pose is priceless, and the frog are my favorites. Cheers from Canada. You two are so awesome. Thanks so much. We should get back to Maine soon. :)

  2. Would love to see you back here, Mark thanks you for he kind comments on his photos!

  3. Nice series and quite a variety- you must have a good eye

    1. Thanks John, coming from you that's high praise! You always have amazing pictures on your site!